Aqua Products Company

Vital Therapeutics holds an exclusive partnership with Addcon (Norway) for the import and distribution of Aquaform (Potassium Biformate), a product developed and manufactured by Addcon which is used to improve the gut health of shrimp and fish.

Our aim is to provide Aquaform to those parts of India that mostly rely on aquaculture for sustenance and to promote healthy aquaculture practices. Addcon and Vital Therapeutics has a joint vision to meet the increasing demand for sustainable aquaculture. Growing awareness among consumers and producers of aquaculture species has helped to shed light on the misuse of antibiotics which led Addcon to focus on developing new aquafeeds that are optimized to suit responsible aquaculture and the cost of feed which accounts for 50% or more of the operational expenses for an aquaculture facility.

Aqua Products