Human Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company

Human Nutrition

The human nutrition wing of vital therapeutics has been engaged in providing stabilized and diluted forms of vitamins for use in pharmaceuticals and food grade products. What sets us apart from other companies is our keen interest and advanced expertise in identifying credible sources of raw materials for the production of vitamins and specialty ingredients, making us a leading partner of choice in the industry.

We produce quality controlled oily, spray dried and water-soluble forms of vitamins for pharmaceutical, Human nutraceutical and food grade products, available in world-class packaging. These products reach a diverse population that requires stabilized vitamins for energy drinks, nutrition for children and pregnant women.

Our products enjoy emeritus status due to the various improved tablet characteristics such as highest bulk density, free-flowing and consistent particle distribution. The superior compression profile coupled with minimum yield loss, high carrying capacity and sustained stability propels the quality of our products to the top. Through the use of processes like fluid bed granulation, agglomeration, trituration, wet/ dry blending, flavor/ odor masking, stabilization, micronizing, spray drying and toll manufacturing we are successfully able to produce high-quality vitamin dry blends, vitamin and mineral pre-mixes, and drum to hopper blends. Milk, oil and flour fortification is also among the services we provide that aims to the reach maximum number of people as per the FSSAI guidelines.